CGI’s commitment to LEED parallels our commitment to quality and the commissioning process. With full-time LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, all LEED projects are addressed to see what goals can be set to benefit the project and the environment. We are committed to the environment and look to specifically contribute to sustainable projects via recycled and regional content and the usage of low emitting materials.


Recycled content is a benefit to reducing the amount of energy required to manufacture a product by using the appropriate recycled materials from other sources. At the time of obtaining quotes from our suppliers, it is our practice to verify that they receive our requirements including LEED Credit information so that they are fully aware of how to handle the request. With aluminum extruders or glass manufacturers, careful consideration is given to the finish on the aluminum or the makeup of the glass which determines how far these suppliers can go with recycled content without sacrificing quality.


Regional content is another way CGI complies with LEED standards. Specific geographic allowances provide us a range in which we can source material. Generally the source is within 500 miles from a project when shipped by truck or 800 miles by train or ship – thus, ensuring that we reduce our carbon footprint emissions.


In order to provide a safe work environment when a building is under construction, LEED requires us to use low emitting materials such as low volatile organic compounds (VOC) or low offgassing products such as sealants. At CGI all seals, caulking and adhesives approved for use on the interior of the air barrier are checked and confirmed through the review of data or MSDS sheets. This ensures they comply with VOC limitations as set out through the Credit EQ 4 requirement of LEED Green Building rating system.

A reduction in shipping and packing materials, particularly those that are not recyclable, is stressed to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and as a reduced cost to the supplier. Most, if not all of our assembled curtain wall panels are shipped to site on reusable skids, which are returned to our facility. Smaller components such as steel strapping or stretch wrap are properly deposited into recycling bins on site.

CGI also provides project specific credits, such as Durable Building Input, Optimize Energy Performance and Waste Management. Contact us to find out how we can help assist your project.