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Double Skin Façades

Double or Dual Skin Façades (DSF) have been a popular system used in the European market for a significant amount of time and are now gaining more popularity in North America, as energy conservation and sustainable development take precedence. Compared to single skin facades, DSF result in substantial improvements in thermal and acoustical performance, solar control, are long-lasting and cost effective. These façades consist of three specific layers: the interior glazed wall system, ventilated air cavity, and the exterior glazed wall system. CGI has been a leader in working with DSF for over a decade now with three of our most notable DSF projects being, the Calgary International Airport and Northwestern University Simpson Querrey Medical Research Center. Our expertise is accessed early in the project development and we collaborate directly with the design team, façade system supplier, fabricators and installers to ensure that that the façade system goals and performance metrics are attained.

Dual Wall DP Image 3_edited.jpg
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