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Media Day At Mohawk College - Joyce Centre For Partnership & Innovation

On July 25, the Mohawk College - Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation (JCPI) building, held a Media Day for all key suppliers, architects, and general contractors to showcase this incredible building. The JCPI is Canada’s largest net zero building and the first zero carbon institutional building for Hamilton. The JCPI will be engaging students about climate change, conservation, waste management and net zero energy by educating them on the future of sustainable building. Zero Carbon Ambassadors from various academic backgrounds will be trained by the JCPI architects, designers and facility managers and in turn, will support students and faculty about how the net zero environment functions. Real-time information is available throughout the building so everyone can see how much water, heating/cooling and energy is being used on any particular day. By having the students manage the building, it creates awareness around their own impact on the environment and promotes sustainable thinking. 

At CGI we are proud to have been part of this influential project and of our incredible in-house team that made this possible. To learn more about our role in the JCPI project view the video below.


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